AccessCADD Management

Our team is a conglomeration of over a decade of experience and expertise in wide range of areas like Product Design Support, Engineering Documents & Maintenance,Design Validation ( CAE / CFD ) ,  Engineering Resource Management , Steel Detailing &  Training.

We share a wealth of experience and broad skill set having served companies from Local, State & Federal Agencies, Telecommunication Firms, Energy Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Agriculture Companies, Environmental Companies, Engineering Firms, Automobile Industries, Government Divisions, Defense Division.

Mangaement Team

Mr. Sanjay Kothekar ( B.E. Computer ) CEO & Founder -Access Group (20 years)
Mr. Jayesh Pai ( M.Tech IIT Bombay ) CEO & Access CADD (30 years)

Divisional Head of Departments

Name Division Working with Access
Mr. Sumnat.Borade Access Institute of Technology – 18 Years
Mr. Sandeep.Borase Engineering Resources – 12 Years
Mr. Rajesh.Shelke Education Marketing – 12  Years
Mr. Verges . Jorge Technical Translation Defense -  10 Years ( Ex.HAL )
Mr. Dhaval.Kulkarni

Analysis & Optimization

– 10 Years

Mr. Manoj.Yadav DMS Applications  – 6 Years